Custom Design

Have an idea and need help to make the perfect piece of jewellery for yourself or someone special?

I would be delighted to help you with your idea and provide insight and proper techniques to achieve your vision. Whether you have the materials already and need me to design a layout or need help designing a matching jewellery set to an outfit or want a piece of jewellery to speak to someone
                                                                                                           though relevant stone meanings and context...I am here to help.

To the right are two of my custom design projects. The first was a gift for his fiance, a passionate traveler, using stones and beads to represent all 5 continents they had hope to visit together and the second project was a gift for a childhood friend that my client wanted to represent her character and speak to her.

The lady who received the bracelet kindly wrote to me about her gift:

"Your bracelet is lying in front of me. A ray of sunlight shines directly on it bringing it to is sparkling and twinkling and some of the stones seem to glow from within. I let my fingertips touch by one ...I´m admiring their beauty, their colors and their individuality. Each gem has a different shape, size, color and cut, each one has a different personality. You can see that without even knowing which qualities are attributed to each of them. I can sense the effort, affection and devotion that has given them the form I´m looking at now. I feel excited and happy just looking at this very special masterpiece and thinking it was designed, crafted and meant only for me. I´ll be wearing it with utmost care and appreciation"